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TAPCO Hurricane & Security Screens

Fortify Your Home with Our TAPCO Hurricane & Security Screens

Premium Security Screens for Windows in Lafayette, LA, Lake Charles, and the Surrounding Areas

At Acadiana Kitchen & Shutters LLC, we understand the importance of feeling secure in your own home. This is why we offer top-quality security screens for windows installation service in and around Lafayette, LA. Our security screens, custom made for windows and doors, come with aluminum frames and stainless steel wire, all powder-coated for long-term durability.

These screens aren’t just for protection against the elements, they double as a security feature too. Equipped with a spring assisted latch opened from the inside, our screens can be used for an emergency exit. Once installed, these screens require no further preparation for a storm. They’re perfect for whole home protection and particularly useful for hard-to-reach windows. Plus, with five different colors for frames and three for the wire, you have plenty of choices to match your home aesthetics.

tapco hurricane and security screens lafayette la

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Don’t miss this opportunity to fortify your home against both weather and unwanted intrusions. Secure peace of mind with our high-quality, custom-made security screens for windows.

Why Our Security Screens are a Must-Have

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Our security screens for windows in Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding areas, are more than just a protective measure; they’re a long-term investment in your home’s safety and your peace of mind. The design is simple, yet highly effective. The sturdy aluminum frame and stainless steel wire are both powder-coated, ensuring these screens can withstand anything nature throws at them.

Apart from weather protection, our screens also act as a security barrier against break-ins, providing an extra layer of safety for your home. They’re permanent once installed and require no additional preparation for a storm. With our security screens, you’ll have whole home protection and a solution for hard-to-reach windows.